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Real Estate Marketing Hub (RMH)

RMH is the backbone tool for marketing your real estate assets within the retail, commercial, industrial and leisure industry.

RMH works in harmony with any CRM and Data Analytics Tools that are already implemented, giving you full control over your marketing needs and targets within any setting like retail and shopping centres across the globe, thus enhancing your salesforce capabilities in-house with immediate results and real time data.

RMH is a tool that you did not even realise you needed our bespoke service integrates seamlessly into your workforce and sales processes no matter where they are.

Outsourcing and excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past. With our innovative technology, you are the creator and editor of your own assets. Saving time and money is key to your marketing success.

Search & Research Criteria Profiling

Effortlessly conduct searches and research, RMH generates diverse criteria profiles for both potential and current clients. Save criteria options to target multiple client types. 

Identify Vacant or future Lease Expiries, Break & Rent Review lists, all with comprehensive unit information, tenancy details, location, unit sizes, rent & business rates and more, together with footfall, parking capacity and demographic data.

AI Marketing Assistant

Unlock the Power of AI Marketing with Our Cutting-Edge Tools

Revolutionize your marketing strategies and harness artificial intelligence to enhance, target and personalize customer experiences, and optimize your campaign performance.

Elevate your brand presence, drive engagement, and achieve measurable success with the help of our innovative AI-powered marketing assistance. Embrace the future of marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Bringing Everyone & Everything Together

RMH enables you to share data with unlimited users worldwide in real time, within our secure hub, to revolutionize your global business operations. 

Seamlessly open up B2B collaboration with controlled access client liaison oportunities, face-to-face and remote via Zoom & Teams meetings working in harmony with your CRM and Data Analytics tools

Valuable insights for both new and existing businesses shared internationally, without restrictions or travel costs reducing your companies carbon footrprint. 

Digital Photo Gallery

Integrated marketing photo gallery of units and spaces at shopping centres, industrial and commerical sites.

Displaying individual unit images to enhance your marketing presentations, fact sheets and brochures alongside unit details, leasing costs and terms.

PDF unit factsheets and brochures automatically display your images, data and marketing text perfectly, allowing you to simply email, share or print instantly.

3D CGI's & Animation & Promo Video

Our bespoke add-on 3D service offers you the ability to personalise to target tenants, visualising their brand in a retail unit, to better enagage your clients imagination and vision. 

Photorealistic views of their marques presence in the context of your shopping centre helps the client to recognise how you will promote their brand recognition, Zone A presentation and key sightlines.
Add-on fees and T&Cs apply

VR Tours & Drone Video

If you want to level up and really impress your clients, our VR Tours and promotional films, including drone video, delivers the best insite into the shopping centre experience.  Add-on fees T&Cs apply

Empowering YOU & YOUR Business

Real Estate Marketing Hub

RMH Eliminate bottlenecks and time delays by providing key information on vacant or upcoming leases and essential asset details instantly. Reach new and exisiting clients seeking new leasing opportunities.

Versatility for Asset Managers

Whether your managing anchor stores or smaller businesses across all retail types, we are your unique all-in-one solution. Incorporate our tool into your business sales strategy to maximize success.

Take Control

Take control of your leasing destiny with our one-stop, web based hub for marketing. Say goodbye to Uncertainty, Lost time and Missed Opportunities and introduce Efficiency, Competitive Advantage & Business Agility – Partner with us today and see where our RMH service can take you. 

Real Estate Marketing Hub


Live Leasing Information

Easily access unit leasing data ● Lease expiry ● Rent review ● Break dates ● Gross rent and more, through our fully secure portal and customisable user rights.


Fully Editable

Full retail unit leasing data editing ● Rent adjustments ● Unit status, let or vacant ● Lease dates ● 1954 Act ● Unit sizes ● Unit photographs, all under your control.


Instant Brochures

Instantly create & share with your client base, personalised marketing PDFs for units and retail centres, in real-time, with up to date unit data, No Delays, No Bottlenecks.


Search & Display

Easily search for units based on your criteria ● Let/Vacant Status ● Approaching Lease Expiry ● Rent Review ● Break Dates ● Term Certian Expiry ● Unit Sizes ● Gross Rents, for optimal retail management insights.


AI Marketing Assistance

Built in AI Marketing Assistance focuses messaging to your target audience, uniquely personalising every sales opportunity to better engage with your customers.


Centre Details

Easily access your Retail Centre information ● Floor Plans ● Footfall ● Parking Spaces ● Photo Galleries ● Virtual Tours ● Videos, creating and sharing marketing PDFs instantly, all from your browser, tablet or mobile.

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